Strategic Processes


Our ‘Opportunities’ practice involves a short stint strategy diagnostic review, allowing business owners to look beyond the current market trends and into different other industries for getting new business ideas.

We provide them with tools and techniques to seize new opportunities and improve their strategy building ‘Processes’. They put their resources where the real opportunities are and their strategy creates more profitable portfolios.

Strategic Processes


Innovation is required to meet growth targets and strategic objectives. We help our clients in developing ‘Processes’ that are necessary for ensuring both incremental as well as breakthrough Innovation.

Our ‘Innovation’ practice helps with more effective and efficient mobilization or usage of resources creating higher value for our clients.

Strategic Processes


Achieving sustainable improvement in performance requires the organizations to look beyond structures, processes and systems to address individual and collective behavior.

We work with our clients in building skills and intelligences, shifting and transforming mind-sets and group dynamics to bring about sustainable change in behaviors, attitudes, performance and leadership.

Strategic Processes

Operational Processes

Process Designing and Development

Processes should drive your business effectively, efficiently and uninterruptedly. These should also support enterprise-wide Resource Planning and Control.

Management should get timely information on Cost, Business Drivers, Operational Problems, and Accountability for taking timely decisions. Our structured approach helps businesses develop and design such robust processes.

Strategic Processes

Process Improvement

Pursuing and reinforcing Process Improvement can bring the following results

- Increased productivity, less defects
- Reduced cycle time & bottlenecks
- Satisfied customers
- Competitive edge
- Faster information processing
- Better & faster decision making

Think improvements in the functions like Customer Servicing, Materials Management, Production, Quality Controls, Working Capital, Treasury, Asset Management and Information Technology.

Strategic Processes

Cost Improvements

Having Cost Advantage strategy always works for MSMEs. For this, measuring accurate cost of products, processes, activities, business segments is so very important.

We help you build a robust cost accounting and management accounting framework and budgetary processes that help you take appropriate and timely actions for improving bottom line as well top line.

Strategic Processes

Control Processes

Internal Controls and Monitoring Process

Our Internal Control Framework and Risk based Internal Audit along with our SOP development services helps you in the following ways:

- Improved Overview Function
- Safeguarding of your Assets
- Improved Asset and WC Utilization
- Better Planning & Controls
- Effective Reporting & MIS
- Reduced Fraud & Operational Risks
- Reduced Leakages of Revenue
- Improved Legal Compliances
- Improved IT Security
- Increased Sense of Process Ownership among employees
- Better Organizational Communication

Strategic Processes

Risk Consulting & ERM

We help our clients develop specific risk capabilities and setting their risk appetite, along with identifying and managing M&A risks, project risks, business or product portfolio risk and balance sheet related risks.

We help clients identify, quantify, and prioritize their most important business risks. We help them integrate risk management into their strategic planning processes as well as into their day-to-day operations and decision making.

Strategic Processes

ERP Support Services

ERP system is a significant investment. Risk related to its poor implementation along with hiccups due to process re-engineering needs better management.

We provide solution so that you achieve your strategic objectives within the available resources, time and with least change management hiccups.

We support you through out your ERP journey starting from System Requirement Study, RFQ, Vendor Analysis, Functional Support, Implementation Support, Training and ERP Testing.

Strategic Processes

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