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Depending on the phase of business cycle or value creation opportunities or ideas available, enterprises make various decisions viz. capital budgeting, re-structuring, merger, demerge, acqisitions, IPO, raising debt capital, buying or leasing of assets etc.

Level of capitalisation, cost of capital, IRR, ROI, NPV, payback period, leverage ratios, ownership/ control dilution and alterative sources of capital generation etc. are important considerations.

Not just our connections with various funding sources, but our ability to work closely and objectively with our clients ensures both value and wealth maximisation.

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Potential Deal?..

Determining acquisition vehicle, post-closing organization, form of payment, form of acqusition, legal form of selling entity, and swap ratios, accounting and tax consideration with eye on unlocking hidden value and avoiding commercial pitfalls are top priorities in any transaction. Choices made in one area of the “deal” are likely to impact other aspects of the transaction.

Also, critical due diligence is required for risk Identification, re-evaluation of financial forecasting and assumptions made, feasibilities, re-assessment of working capital needs, identifying soft aspects providing negotiation edge, internal control evaluation, review of business etc.

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Is your strategy

Kick-off with Market Entry Strategy, Opportunity Assessment, Technology Roadmap, Business Model Analysis, Financial Modelling and Feasibility Studies etc. Like wise, keeping in mind, objective of value creation and presevance you should pre-plan an exit strategy too.

We help you execute the above activites convincingly with capabilities to develop clear executable action plan and provide you with insight and foresight of opportunities, lurking risks while pointng out to you, your strengths and weaknesses.

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How your
business write and read words?..

We write based on indepth research and passion for conveying our thoughts and ideas. we write Business Reports, Teasers, Economic Survey Reports, Marketing Survey Reports, Feasibility Study Reports, Country Risk Reports, Sectoral Reports and Legal Documents.

Each of the above need different writing skillset but all has to be objective and should communicate intentions. It should impact reader and clarify outlook. We write serious stuff keeping above in mind and hire the best in class business content writers.

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