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have ERP?..

Is your ERP capable of material requirement planning, manufacturing resource planning, human resource planning? What about product or activity costing? No!! then you possibly have a workflow management software or implemented ERP as such.

Every business is different, hence you need an ERP that leverages technological advancements while preserving uniqueness with which resources are planned and managed.

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Nowadays you multi-task while on the move. Approving transactions, analysing data, assigning tasks, according decisions, creating alerts and answering queries in real time. With handheld devices, you are much more productive than ever before.

However, your productive existence in this new eco-system is also determined by intutive designs, prioritisation, focus, discipline and delegation.

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Disruptive technologies are significantly altering the way consumers, industries, or businesses operate. These technologie have potential to sweep away systems or habits which one likes to remain clinged to.

So in adopting these disruptive technologies, you can be a first mover, early adopter, within early majority, late majority or just be a laggard. Its a choice.

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